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Sheena Miller 

Certified Trainer / Owner

I am a NASM certified trainer, specializing in women's fitness, weight loss and corrective exercise with 7 years experience personal training and 6 years experience working as a physical therapy technician. 

I started up She Is Mighty so I could pursue my dream in helping women find their true strength, confidence and give them the tools to live long, healthy and happy lives.

I have experience with One-on-One Training, Boot Camps, TRX/SBT, Water Aerobics, Corrective Training, Weight Loss & Strength Training.


My Personal Transformation Story 

28 Lbs Lost!!! The woman on the left was eating out 3 times a week, drinking cocktails with girlfriends on the weekends, indulging in sweets and not being as active as she should have been. She was not practicing what she was preaching to her clients and it showed. In return she had terrible acne, stomach problems, sleeping issues, mood swings and extra weight that left her with random pains and feeling less than sexy. 

 The Woman on the right went through years of great transformation. She started her own business, reconnected with friends, lost multiple loved ones, ended relationships, moved homes, had a car accident, met and married her best friend. Despite all of the obstacles & celebrations she still held strong and lost weight, gained energy, cleared her skin, got stronger and changed her lifestyle into something permanent and positive. 

How I Did It:

Cooked Whole/Clean Foods At Home

Integrated Protein Shakes 

Drank More Water

Scheduled Cheat Meals

Cut Down On Alcohol & Sugar

Made A Bedtime

Worked Out 3 Days/Week

Did New Workouts For Variety & Fun

Found An Amazing Support System

Getting Healthy Is All About Changing Your Lifestyle!